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Happy New Year 2020 from Zhejiang AMASS SAW TOOLS CO.,LTD.!

Through the joy of the year of pig, usher in the glory of the year of rat.Tell the happy time and listen to the new year's singing.

Celebrate the successful revision of the website of AMASS SAW TOOLS CO.,LTD.! !

After friendly negotiations, Zhejiang Tiantian Saw Industry Co., Ltd. reached a cooperation with JCSW!

Happy New Year!

The 2018 New Year's clock will soon ring. Although the cold penetrates the bone marrow, the sun is still bright, cold and warm intertwined, and the harsh winter gives birth to the breath of spring.

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Analysis of the collapse of bimetal band saw blade

It is inevitable that the bimetal band saw blade will cause some trouble during operation. Among them, the tooth collapse is a more common failure of the bimetal band saw blade. There are many reasons for the occurrence of tooth failure, involving the sawing machine, improper handling, and so on. The following analysis of the cause of the failure of the bimetal band saw blade during the use of several reasons.

Reason Analysis of Saw Bias of Bi-metal Band Saw Blade

A variety of failures always occur when the saw blade is run on a sawing bed, where sawing is a common failure.

Bimetal band saw blade

Bi-metal band saw blades mainly refer to high-speed steel or other high-performance steel materials for the tooth tips, and metal cutting band saw blades for low-alloy spring steel.

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